Work with Band Of Boats

Work life (really) is better on water

At Band Of Boats's

We do our best everyday in order to allow you to book the easiest way in a network of selected professionals. The sea is too much of a big deal not to call a boat rental professional.

We are about 10 to rack our brains every day, to try and give our dear boaters today the rental of the future.

Our central office is based on an island (of course) in the center of Nantes in the heart of a japanese garden. Surrounded by bars, restaurants and other startups, the "Ile de Versailles" lies in the middle of the river Erdre, easily accessible by transports (Saint-Mihel stop on line 2 of the Tramway or Foch-Cathédrale on line 4 of the Busway).

Our values

A company needs nurturing !

We supply a high standard service accessible to everyone, responding to the needs of clients, partners and suppliers.


We stay humble. Advice, criticism and opinions are always welcome and helpful for our improvement. You are always smaller than someone else : ideas must be seized everywhere and fro everyone !


We don't denigrate others, even less our competitors ! It's fundamental to be able to benefit from emulation of others and understand what their advantages are in orther to improve constantly.


At Band of Boats, work ryhmes with pleasure. We create, share and move forward as a team.


Ambition means always do the best and get better, by mobilizing all our knowledge, our skills and our ideas.


In a world where rigour is not on the agenda we stand out for our precision and reliability.

Work with us

We're all on the same boat...

Commercial service

« Our mission ? Find the best rental professionals to guarantee a quality service and accompany them into the digitalisation of their sales point in order to make them earn time»


IT service

« Always higher, always faster, always more...simple. We improve continuously our internet platforme to make it ! »


Marketing service

« The badges on the shop windows of our professional renter partners, it's us ! The computer graphics which allow to refresh some rules to the small and the big ones ? Still us ! »


International service

« We realized you can't hold still ! Why stay in one country ? Let's set sails to Italy, Spain, Europe and who knows ? Why not...the world!»


100% professional : there's no joking with the sea
100% clear : transparent rental contract
100% covered: cancellation and deposit insurance
100% reactiv : customer service everyday from 9 am to 7 pm
The captain's here to help :
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