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La barracuda fantàstic el personal del port un 10

Marti ROIG ARBOIX, on the 2/24/2019

Your booking system got me over the anti sales effort of the local agent! I was so pleased to make this hire, which Club Nautique at Port de la Selva effected, under duress! Actually getting the boat hired required determination. The club office had already told me they had no boats for hire, although the boat I hired - with "Rent a Boat" clearly marked on it and your URL - was moored outside, unused. It was not the Brig Falcon, but similar alternative. RIB. However there was a language problem (mine) and the lady did suggest I tried online, so I made a reservation for when the weather was set to improve, and arrived at the Club Nautique to take it up, for a low power boat unlicenced. Same person told me the rental was now impossible as there were no boats to rent. Same boat was moored outside still. So I showed the agent the booking on my phone, whereupon the situation changed. The boat moored outside suddenly became available after a quick exchange on the walky talky. and she seemed to magically find the forms and procedures, 5 minutes later I was on the boat. The actual rental was fine, and most enjoyable, if a bit choppy out at sea. I have the pics and a video and memories. 15HP is plenty in such a boat for the inexperienced power boat driver, I have had plenty of river cruising and sea sailing experience, so only had a transition to manage. Soon stood up and used more throttle. The bonus was that Club Nautique was also happy for it to be a half day hire, they only do whole or half days, so I stayed out for 3 hours, which was perfect, not much left to do by then. Thanks for making this possible. Seems there may be some end of season sales resistance or process problems in Port de la Selva Club Nautique admin to smooth out, but your system made it possible, and overcame the language problems. Good Job!

Brian R Catt, on the 10/7/2018

Una maravilla! Lo pasamos genial en las Medas!

Vladimir CALSAMIGLIA TORRES, on the 9/29/2018

100% professional : there's no joking with the sea
100% clear : transparent rental contract
100% covered: cancellation and deposit insurance
100% reactiv : customer service everyday from 9 am to 7 pm
The captain's here to help :
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